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Be Proactive by Developing a Strategy

As leveraging big data becomes increasingly important, you don’t want your company to be left behind. As with many business practices, being proactive is key. You need to actively look for unidentified trends in the data and strategically apply those insights to your customer experience and marketing strategies. In order to do this effectively, you want to take a holistic approach to analyze your data to develop a thorough understanding of how the integration of data will change and influence every aspect of your company. Establishing a big data strategy is a critical first step to changing established mindsets about data within your organization and supporting a common proactive approach to using data amongst your team.

Develop a Strategy

Before you can be proactive in using data to respond to customers’ needs, you need to be proactive in developing a company data strategy. Your strategy doesn’t have to be a complete 180-degree shift from what you’re doing now. Instead, consider your business’s long-term goals and integrate data into processes at strategic steps along the way. Rather than building a data strategy, consider revising your current business strategy to incorporate big data so that the data gathered and analyzed will result in better business decisions across your entire company.

Use existing data as a starting point to experiment with different statistical models, and then use that information for further data collection and analysis. You’ll want to identify problems in your company that big data can help alleviate, and prioritize data that will help address those problems and enhance business results. An effective strategy will outline a proactive approach and commitment to using data – from analyzing trends to applying insights to target customers.

Develop Your Big Data Team

While data analysts are important members of a data team, so are business leaders and creative thinkers. Big data requires a diverse team that is able to integrate data analysis with creativity, business concepts, and business operations. An effective team will be able to analyze and visualize the numbers to determine trends, and then creatively apply that information to target customers. This should be done while also building an understanding of big data across your wider organization.

Be proactive in building a solid big data team at your company. While analysts are obviously important team members, you want a strong and proven business leader who understands the technical aspects of your industry to guide your team. Identify people from within and outside your company with strong technical skills, analytical skills, and creativity to join your data team. Once your data team is established, support them with training opportunities. Your data team will be critical for analyzing data, identifying trends, and then creating the strategic responses to target and support customers. They will be a determining factor in how well your company can harness data and proactively use the insights gained.

Make CloudOptik Part of Your Strategy

CloudOptik’s services simplify your interactions with big data, allowing you to take proactive measures to target customers. At CloudOptik, we’re committed to helping companies harness big data applications so that they can better target prospects and enhance sales through customer and operational data. Through CloudOptik’s services, you can maximize the value of data to improve your sales, marketing, financial, and technology capabilities. CloudOptik automates time-intensive data tasks and applies data mapping and profiling techniques to provide your company with valuable insights into your lead and customer ecosystem.