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Driving Revenue with Data

In order to increase your revenue, you need to closely understand your customers. While in the past general demographic data was enough to target customers, it no longer provides enough insight to stay competitive. Customer acquisition and retention have always been important, but the rise of big data has made it even more so. With so many options available, telecom customers can easily switch to a competitor if they don’t feel their needs are being met. Using customer insights gleaned through data is a key step for not only retaining customers but also for increasing revenue.

Customer Journey Analytics

Customer acquisition is the important first step in building a long-lasting relationship with your customers. A customer’s journey from their first contact with your company to their first purchase holds important insight into their product needs and preferences. As you track this process for more and more customers, patterns emerge that will help you better target potential customers. After you make your first sale to a new customer, your efforts then shift to retaining [DJ1] them. Robust customer data allows you to analyze customer behavior and determine areas that may indicate the potential for customer churn. Knowing this enables you to address this before losing a customer to a competitor.

Customer journey analytics can help with this by providing a platform to track and analyze all customer interactions with a company. This allows for improved and more personalized engagement with customers. Customer journey analytics provides a macro-view of customer interactions with your company while also affording the ability to zoom in and look at particular steps in the customer journey on a more micro-level. This ability to see both the big picture and the more individualized customer view will help you strategize how to target your customers and increase your revenue.

Leverage Data & Expand Revenue

As you gain better insight into your customers, your opportunities to expand your revenue will increase. However, having valuable insight from data will only result in improved revenue and key performance indicators if you actually use it. Using insights from customer journey data helps you develop a strategy for your messaging that is responsive to customer patterns and determine the optimal timing for approaching customers.

Data provides a comprehensive view of customer patterns that can be used to create multi-channel marketing strategies that are tailored to customer behaviors and demographics and provide opportunities to cross-sell and up-sell products to customers. Data can reveal what products to show customers and when to show them. Part of this includes using data to determine the best prices for your products. Data analysis can also provide insight into what prices are competitive enough for customers to purchase while still providing the optimum profit margin for your company.

Collaborate with CloudOptik

Targeting customers and setting prices is a process that requires close collaboration across your company so that sales representatives understand their customers as well as the reasoning for product price recommendations in order to convincingly sell products to customers. Collaborating over data insights will promote a cohesive company strategy for responding to customer needs and ultimately increasing revenue.

CloudOptik can help you realize your customer acquisition, retention, and revenue goals by providing you with data. CloudOptik uses data to identify gaps in your current customer database to more effectively target them with new products and services, whereas CloudOptik’s partner, Carve Digital, provides the data you need to target new customers. By letting CloudOptik analyze your customer journey data, you can focus your efforts on building the relationships with your customers that will lead to expanded revenue.