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Promote Stickiness Through Customer Training

Customer stickiness is important for any company and indicates that you are providing valuable products and services for your customers. However, customer stickiness can be difficult to attain and requires thoughtful investment to help customers gain the most value from your products. CloudOptik’s SmartProfile platform provides you with the insights you need to deliver customer training that meets customer needs and promotes stickiness.

What is Customer Stickiness?

Customer stickiness – essentially customer retention – occurs when customers keep coming back to your company over your competitors because you consistently deliver a valuable product or experience that they can’t find better elsewhere. The better value sticky customers find with your company might be due to price, service, benefits, convenience, or other factors. If you play your cards right, customer stickiness may develop into deeper customer loyalty.

Why Customer Training is Important for Stickiness

One crucial way to promote customer stickiness is to provide customers with training on your products. Training lets customers know you can respond to their needs when it comes to learning about your products. It helps your customers recognize and utilize your product’s full value while also making them self-sufficient in using your products so they require less customer support. You enable customers to answer their own questions and solve their own problems regarding your product, saving you both time and leading to greater customer satisfaction. Training also encourages customers to invest in new products, services, and upgrades with your company, which ultimately results in increased sales.

How CloudOptik Can Help

CloudOptik’s SmartProfile platform identifies which products and features you’ve sold your customers aren’t being used or aren’t being used to their fullest capabilities. In revealing these gaps, CloudOptik highlights customer training needs. With this information, you can reach out to customers to find out why they aren’t using these features and provide them with appropriate training to get the most benefit from your product. CloudOptik’s data also better positions you to upsell and pitch additional products and features as you provide customer training.   

Creating a Training Approach

Not all trainings are equal, and a poorly planned and designed customer training program can actually have adverse effects on customer perceptions of your company and longer-term retention. Therefore, it is critical that you provide thoughtful training that responds to customer needs. As you design a customer training program, think about some of the following considerations:

  • What do your customers want and need to better understand your products? Developing a good understanding of your audience – and using CloudOptik to help you gain this insight – will enable you to create relevant and engaging training content.
  • What sort of upfront and long-term resources are needed? As products change, training content will also need to be updated. Your company should plan for these costs to keep your training content relevant and responsive to customer needs. Additionally, CloudOptik’s SmartProfile can help you stay up-to-date on emerging training needs as the products customers use continuously evolve.  
  • What type of training platform will you use? You can take a variety of approaches to customer training. Conference calls, webinars, videos, or online courses are some possible options for training customers. You need to determine which platform your customers want and are most likely to use while also considering your company’s resources (e.g., creating a comprehensive online learning platform will typically cost more than training videos).
  • What current in-house training products do you have? You don’t have to completely reinvent the wheel to create customer training content. If your company provides employee training on products, consider if anything can also be shared directly with customers or slightly modified to meet customer training needs.

Ultimately, if customers become confident in using the features they’ve been missing out on and find value in the training you provide, they’re more likely to stick with your company instead of shifting to a competitor. CloudOptik helps you achieve this.