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Protecting Customer Privacy

Big data – it’s critical for knowing and targeting your customers and improving their overall experience with your company. But big data comes with responsibilities. Nothing will break down the relationship you’ve built with your customers faster than a mismanagement or breach of the same data that you used to provide them with a personalized … Continued

Using Analytics to Improve Customer Experience

Predictive analytics play a critical role in helping companies strategically identify and target customers. But how do you continue to reach customers once you’ve already attracted them to your company? How do you keep them coming back? Customers want personalized, responsive service, and leveraging big data can play an important role in improving their experiences … Continued

Big Data: Developing an ABM Strategy

In one of our recent blog post, we discussed how predictive analytics can help you develop a model for identifying current and potential customers who are most likely to buy your product. However, for that information to be useful, you need to take the data insights and develop a cohesive strategy to reach those customers. … Continued

The NEW Insights Platform for Service Providers and Channel Partners

Service providers. Data. Customer experience. These are some of the things we’re most passionate about – and passionate about improving. After 12 years of owning and operating a successful service provider, we noticed some key gaps in the industry when it comes to using data and targeting customers—and we set out to address them. Over … Continued