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Big Data: Developing an ABM Strategy

In one of our recent blog post, we discussed how predictive analytics can help you develop a model for identifying current and potential customers who are most likely to buy your product. However, for that information to be useful, you need to take the data insights and develop a cohesive strategy to reach those customers. … Continued

The NEW Insights Platform for Service Providers and Channel Partners

Service providers. Data. Customer experience. These are some of the things we’re most passionate about – and passionate about improving. After 12 years of owning and operating a successful service provider, we noticed some key gaps in the industry when it comes to using data and targeting customers—and we set out to address them. Over … Continued

Big Data: Using Predictive Analytics to Know Your Customers

You may have heard Theodore Roosevelt’s quote, “the more you know about the past, the better you are prepared for the future.” While Roosevelt certainly couldn’t have envisioned today’s technological landscape, his adage holds true when considering big data and predictive analytics: The very premise of predictive analytics centers on learning from the past to … Continued

The Benefits of Big Data: Targeting Customers

It’s hard to escape big data. Every time you go online, use a smartphone, post to social media, or a wide array of other activities, you’re generating data. In fact, the amount of data created globally is expected to increase to 163 zettabytes by 2025 – a ten-fold increase from 2016. This surge in data … Continued